Corporate Events

Having a photo booth at your corporate event is a fantastic way to ensure customer engagement while differentiating your brand from the competition. Every image is recorded using a high end Cannon DSLR offering super sharp photos printed using studio grade Mitsubishi dye-sublimation printers that produce instantly dry and smudge free prints. With the ability to add bespoke messages and images to every photo we can help in any marketing campaign or brand awareness event.

Our photo booths are great fun, that’s a given. They are also an amazing tool that your business can utilise in a multitude of ways. Product launches and customer facing events can be enhanced by a fully branded photo booth or selfie pod giving your customers a unique experience and, at the same time placing your logo or corporate message on every image printed at your event and beyond with all our booths having unrivalled social media capability.

At conferences and formal gatherings the survey feature on our photo booths can allow you to gather instant feedback or measure employee engagement. The gathered data can be instantly exported to excel for analysis. Animation Events work closely with our software developers to ensure we are able to fulfil your needs and in the same way the exterior of the booth can be fully customised our software can also be custom written.

Awards ceremonies, celebrations and Parties are all perfect occasions to reward your team with the use of a photo booth for larger events we give you the ability to extend your image gathering potential to every camera phone at your event using our ground breaking Insta-Net software. Animation Events are the ideal choice when it comes to supplying premium photo booths, selfie pods and mirror photo booths.

We can also supply booths for customer experience campaigns and customer focus groups again offering both the ability to survey and additionally record video messages.

Whatever your needs please call for more information regarding your booking.