What areas do you cover?

We are based in the South East and cover all of London, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, Middlesex and Berkshire. However we can quote for an event anywhere in the UK.

How much room do I need?

Our full size booth needs floor space of 3 meters by 2 meters and stands 2 meters tall.  If space is an issue please consider a Mirror booth or selfie station; they are far more economical in space requiring only 1 meter by 0.9 meters to stand in and a clear space in front for your guests to pose.

How long is the set up time?

Our booths take approximately an hour and a half to be fully set up and running and approximately an hour to remove from a venue.

What is needed to run a booth?

Just a regular plug socket and a firm and flat surface.

Can the booths go outside?

Yes, as long as there is a waterproof cover such as a marquee or a gazebo and a solid floor.  We can also supply an event shelter or flooring if needed. Please ask when booking for further details.

Who gets the photos?

Your guests will normally take the photos as they are printed and we also supply the event organiser with a digital copy either on a memory stick or DVD.  We can of course reprint event photos for a small additional charge.

Is there an attendant?

Yes, we always have at least one attendant to help you get the most from your booth.  We routinely ensure all attendants have been CRB checked to ensure the safety of your guests.

How many people can fit in the booth?

In the full size booths around 8 - 10 people. The mirrors are open and suitable for any sized group. The children’s booth is best for 5 – 8 year olds and we also offer our Maxi package for older children.

What events do you cater for?

The sky is the limit! A photo booth can be used to liven up any event. Parties, weddings and all social gatherings are enhanced by the inclusion of a photo booth.  We do not limit the fun to adults; our kid’s booth is the ideal addition to children’s events and we regularly cover school proms.

Why are your prices below the average for Photo Booth hire?

We pride ourselves on providing only the best equipment at incredible value. By staying highly competitive we ensure we are busy which allows us to keep costs to a minimum.

Can we access social media from the booths?

Yes, as long as WIFI or a suitable internet connection is available, all our booths can post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Our custom software on many of our booths also allows you to print from every camera phone at your event via Twitter and Instagram.  Please ask for details when booking.

Can I make changes or cancel my booking?

Our cancellation policy is shown in detail on our terms and conditions page

Can we extend the booking on the night?

We can extend on the night, this is subject to pro rata hourly charges and is dependent on transport availability.

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