Top Tips For an Amazing Photo Booth Hire

Once you decide that a photo booth is to be part of your entertainment package the first decision is the style of photo booth you wish to hire.  There are a huge number of options available from selfie pods and iPad based stands through to the more recognisable walk in booths and magic mirrors.  Each has its benefits with the selfie pods and stands offering great value for money and often being unmanned, the traditional walk in booths giving a more traditional photo booth feel and often having far more in the way of features like green screen and video or a magic mirror that without doubt is the most interactive of the options as all the fun of the photo booth happens in the open and gives those surrounding the chance to photo bomb the images.

Magic mirror and photo booth at weddingAnother point to consider is the style of photography, a traditional photo booth will likely produce the majority of images with your guests dressed in props and few sensible shots while a magic mirror photo booth often pulls on the selfie culture and has guests taking full length photos of their outfits and as couples or groups alongside the fun photo booth images.

Whatever your choice we are sure your guests will have a fabulous time recording the antics of your event giving a huge number of images to spark memories for years to come.

Start the fun early, a photo booth is a great icebreaker and can get a party started far sooner that waiting for the dancing to begin.  At a weddings we often start the booth immediately after the first dance and cake cutting, this gives the evening guests a great way of interacting with those who have been at the wedding all day (and maybe had a glass or two of fizz) without feeling they have to “catch up” to join in.  At a party or prom a photo booth running from the beginning of the night will allow guests to capture outfits and if choosing a magic mirror can act as an alternative to an event photographer.

photo booth favoursIf you are giving favours or goody bags these can be incorporated into your photo booth hire, for a truly unique memento small frames or keyrings can be added to your photo booth hire as another way of displaying your images.

Where you choose for your photo booth to be set up will have a massive impact on the use of the photo booth.  Wherever possible plan to have your photo booth set in an area where it is both visible and where your guests can see it, the side of the dancefloor is great for a magic mirror as it will catch movement and lights in the background giving depth to your finished photos.  A bar area is also a great place as this generally has your guests visiting often.  With the cost of a photo booth hire being as it is you obviously want to ensure that it is used to its fullest.

Fun props make photo booth images what they are, it is worth considering if you wish to either theme the props you use or limit the style. Old fashioned props on stick are a great idea as an alternative to feather boas and the large and silly photo booth hats and glasses as your guests will remain far more visible or you can go for broke and provide a chest of props. If your party is fancy dress themed we often advise to limit props and catch the hard work your guests have put into their outfits.

Finally decide on if you wish to share your images using an on-line gallery or social media – or indeed both, we get countless requests from guests for the photo booth files from weddings and parties so it is worth considering in advance to ensure you are only sharing what you have decided to share.

Whatever your choice the team at Animation Events are on hand to help, call free on 08089012009 or use our contact page.

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